4Gamer.net Watch

Sorry, but 4Gamer.net Watch is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

Thank you for your interest in 4Gamer.net Watch. After the success of the 4GW proof of concept, I have begun to rewrite the translation classes used by the site in order to create a clean, efficient and correct implementation of my translation model. Although still not quite yet ready for use, in tests, the refined implementation has proven vastly superior to the initial one, translating in a matter of milliseconds what used to take well over a minute. Making the implementation a little less memory-hungry is also a priority. Currently, an instantiated translation class running under Zend consumes about 2MB, but I think I can get this down a little more. I also have concerns with some of the dictionary lookup code — given the tendency of the Zend engine's stack to explode messily in certain deep recursion situations, extensive recursive tree-walking seems to be something best avoided.

Once the new translation model implementation is complete, I intend to redesign the 4GW site itself to make it a little less drab and hopefully easier to navigate — the original "list" approach was awkward to browse.

With luck, everything will be up and running again by July. Your patience during this outage is greatly appreciated.

- Simon, June 2006